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This is the main site for my desktop project, called The Desktop. This is the site where you can get updates and information on what's going on.

There is a lot to do before the 1.0 release.
Hopefully I will have time do write down my ideas, and publish them...

The Desktop:
Main page
ToDo for 1.0
Need Help?
SEAL people

First release of The Desktop!!!
The major feature difference from standard Bad Desktop is icons support.
Test it out!

For installation check out the readme.txt in the package.
It's easy stuff :-)




I "ported" Splorer to SEAL, well, it's not much of a port either... I just recompiled it :-). Anyway, heres the files:

Binary installation: To install it, just unzip the binary package into your bin foler in SEAL :-)

Source installation: Unzip the source somewhere you feel good about. Do a:
gcc -c splorer.c -o splorer.o -Ic:\yoursealfolder\include
dlxgen -Csplorer.s2a splorer.o
And you're done!!! :-)


my site (swedish):